Saturday, August 29, 2009

About Stinking Time

Finally, a blog. I've been dragging my feet ever so slowly about setting up this here blog, but now it's finally open for business. At some point I plan to do a bit of recapping, as there is much that should have been written about these last four evenful months. But for now I'll just start with today.

7:30 am - first "fun run" with the new running group. Not so fun. We are training for the Little Rock marathon in April. Yes I am crazy. Yes I am only running a half marathon not a whole. Yes I am in the walk/jog group. No I cannot run even one whole mile. See you were impressed until you kept reading:) As a whole B was much happier about jogging and strollers than I was.

9:30 am - feeding the B. First cereal, first spoon, first real food, yay! Some stayed in the mouth. Some stayed on the bib.

10:30 am - half of half sale at sports store. Bought shorts that were really too snug. Wishful thinking. Maybe tomorrow they'll fit.

12:00 pm - cleaned dishes from many meals ago. gross

1:30 pm - first work from home "session"

4:30 pm - misc. stuff around the house you only get to do when B is asleep. productive things. like reading a magazine :)

6:30 pm - mom and dad come over to watch B. bring pizza. maybe the shorts won't fit tomorrow

7:00 pm - more work for Jostens while mom and dad try to console screaming B

9:30 pm - feed the B. ahh, quiet.

So, there you have it. First day of blogging, first day of running, first day of cereal, first day of working, not the first day of pizza.

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Cora said...

Hooray for blogging! I am so impressed that you are training to run! I always try and I always quit because I HATE IT. :)

Also, we took Jack to PF Chang's last night and I thought of y'all! I know how you Rogers' love the Chang's. :)