Sunday, August 30, 2009

So high we wish only the dog could hear

Not much to report today. We had a busy day of church, church and more church stuff it seemed. Fun day but busy. The only not so very fun part: B has developed a nasty habit of screaming at the highest of registers for hours on end for no reason at all. For the last two weeks whenever I leave him with anyone at night he freaks out, and I mean freaks. He's happy for awhile then something pushes that button and he goes ballistic and no amount of soothing can calm him. He did it again tonight with Mom and Dad. Poor Nana and Pappy. They are now deaf. Maybe its the reflux. Maybe its the medicine changes. Maybe its gas. Maybe he only wants mom to feed him at this one particular time of day and only mom can soothe him during those weird scary evening hours??? (dear Lord let this not be the case). Anyway we will be investigating this not so very fun development this week because Nana and Pappy would appreciate not having a lingering ringing in their ears every time they watch the B. Please pray:)

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The Crows said...

Does your little guy have reflux too? We think Reagan has it. Boooooo. No fun. We've started her on medicine this week.....we hope it helps!