Monday, August 31, 2009

Top 10 Things I Didn't Expect about Having a Baby & Motherhood

1. I didn't expect to be afraid of going #2 for weeks (sorry tmi, I know).
2. I didn't expect to make it on so little sleep for so long.
3. I didn't expect it to take awhile to feel mushy gushy about B.
4. I didn't expect to be stressed out about little things like how many times B has pooped and what color it is and whether or not he's gained a measley 6 ounces.
5. I didn't expect to need to be good at math: eat every 2 hours, 6 feedings a day, 5 ounces each meal, naps for 1.5 hours, 7+ diapers a day, 17 weeks and 3 days old, equals 1 happy baby, maybe.
6. I didn't expect the time to pass so quickly (should have known).
7. I didn't expect everything to change just as soon as I had it figured out.
8. I didn't expect to start speaking a new language. Words like boop de boop and weeee and sugar booger apparently have great meaning to babies.
9. I didn't expect the car carrier to be so stinking heavy.
10. I didn't expect to love something so small so much :)


Griswold Fun said...

I am excited that you decided to blog again! Post lots of pics of B!! Here... facebook... I love them all :-)

The Crows said...

So sweet, Melly! I love you guys and can't WAIT to squeeze you're little guy!