Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Color of the Day: Pinkish Orange

So yesterday I decided to take B to the doctor to make sure he didn't have an ear infection cause after a couple weeks of having a cold he was still pretty stopped up and not sleeping and eating quite as well as usual. I was fully prepared for embarassment when the doctor told me he was perfectly fine and not to be afraid of a little snot, but turns out mom knows best (at least this time). Double ear infection. So we're going pink again thanks to the lovely antibiotic and the lovely mess it makes. Yay for pink drool.
Also in the news today, B loves sweet potatoes. But really who doesn't?? We've been eating cereal for about a month now ("eating" is pushing it. more like "sneaking it in when he's not looking") but lately he's been very tight lipped about the whole thing. I've tried all the airplane noises, flying spoon tricks, and seminars on how to open the mouth to no avail. So I was thinking of laying off the cereal for a bit cause "maybe he's just not ready" but decided with the suggestion of a friend to try another food just to see how it went. Well it went. Went everywhere. He loves the stuff, and he also likes the oatmeal much better than the rice cereal. So I guess I was really the only one who was not ready for the next big stage. Here's some picks from our first day of "real food". 

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