Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I went Traveling

After dining at the new Oak Tree Bistro with friends, I was in line to order my coffee drink and lo and behold - Bubble Tea on the menu. Nia Cha is one of those foods I have a weird emotional connection to. I like dill pickles because my dad likes dill pickles, and I of course like my dad. I like pumpernickel bread because it reminds me of trips to grandpa's log cabin by the lake. I hate hominy because one night as a kid my parents made me sit till I ate it. I gagged. I drink Milk Tea because amazingly enough it transports me from wherever I am to Taipei - to the condo I stayed in, to the subway we rode on, to the night market's smells, to streets lined with thousands of scooters, to the universities and friends we made there, to the karaoke hotels, to the misty mountains and tropical hiking. I miss that place. So today I went back just for a few minutes. Then I sneezed and had to come back. I'm getting over a cold.

  Here's more information than you ever wanted to know about Bubble tea:

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