Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beckett's First Big Snow

It's been a beautiful couple of days. Thursday night the sleet started and stayed until Friday afternoon some time. Then there was snow! Lots of snow. It was so pretty. Big fat flakes that kept coming down till about midnight. This morning everything was bright white. The view out the back windows with all the trees down the hill covered in white is really beautiful. I think we got about 4 inches (that's past Beckett's knee) at our house. Kevin still had to go into work Friday, but Beckett and I ventured out while it was still snowing to see if we could catch some flakes on our tongues. And to get the mail. Today we all went out together and Beckett got to investigate a little further. We coaxed a couple smiles. Definitely not a fan of eating the snow, though. He made the best face. Better than his first taste of babyfood face. Later in the afternoon Kev went back out to shovel the drive for church in the morning while we watched through the window. Maybe next year Kev will have someone to play in the snow with :-)


Kyleandmeg said...

I love Beckett's cute little smile in the bottom right corner. Adorable! Like the new blog get up too! Clean lines, very Ikea of you.

Mel said...

Ha, It so does look like Ikea. They really should pay us. We're a walking advertisement.