Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy V Day

Big thanks to Mimi and Pops for Beckett's Valentine! He loves his bunny book and turns the pages way too fast to even read the words just so he can get to the end and find the bunny in the bed. Then he giggles, too cute :-) He likes to read his card, too, and amazingly enough he hasn't eaten it yet. Here's his other new tricks:
Big boy crawling: (but only on the carpet then he goes back to his army crawl)
Pulling up on everything: in bed, the couch, the ottomans, the kitchen drawers, your pant legs
Three favorite words: Bup, Fuf, Dat. Such a talker.
 I can't belive 10 months is just around the corner. Very weird.

P.S. whoever invented mens double luge has issues.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Whoa, can you believe it! Two posts in two days. Wait no. Oh bummer its been three days. Oh well. I've been inspired to do better at this here blogging. It's been like a bajillion weeks since I caught up on my blog stalking, so I decided today was as good a day as any. And here I am however many hours later and I've only gotten through New Years day on my blog roll. Good grief you people are blogmazing! I'm inspired by you. So here I am. I owe you an apology. You came to my blog, even signed up to be my follower friends, you come back to see how I'm doing and nothing. I haven't written in months. I'm especially sorry to my family and friends who are far away and would love to know what in the world is going on over here. Anyway I vow to do better. Have I said that before. Surely not. Well, that being said, I have to go. Beckett needs dinner. Kevin needs dinner. I need to get ready to go to bible study (which should only require grabbing my bible and possibly applying a bit of makeup, but seeing as I haven't finished my lesson it will now require a bit more time). I'll try to think of something real to say tomorrow.

Here's Beckett trying to copy my hairstyle