Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy V Day

Big thanks to Mimi and Pops for Beckett's Valentine! He loves his bunny book and turns the pages way too fast to even read the words just so he can get to the end and find the bunny in the bed. Then he giggles, too cute :-) He likes to read his card, too, and amazingly enough he hasn't eaten it yet. Here's his other new tricks:
Big boy crawling: (but only on the carpet then he goes back to his army crawl)
Pulling up on everything: in bed, the couch, the ottomans, the kitchen drawers, your pant legs
Three favorite words: Bup, Fuf, Dat. Such a talker.
 I can't belive 10 months is just around the corner. Very weird.

P.S. whoever invented mens double luge has issues.

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