Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proud to be a walk/jog half marathon finisher!

A Half marathon - 13.2 miles - been there, done that, got a really big medal! It was a blast (a really exhausting blast but a blast nevertheless). Kevin and Kyle beat their time goals, and Meg and I pushed through and finished really strong. Running through the last 50 ft tunnel of cheering supporters was amazing! Now we are tired. If you haven't, you really should marathon.  If I can do it anyone can - I am definitely not a natural . Training starts out easy and works up slowly. You can do whatever pace works for you, and belive me, you will see every kind of runner and walker during the race. It's a great accomplishment. Plus you get lots of free food at the end and no one cares that you just scarffed down two hot dogs, a bag of pretzels, a banana, a smores debbie, choc. milk, and then went to lunch!
Thanks for all the encouragement to keep going! It was def. worth it!


phil said...

Way to go! So impressed!

Kyleandmeg said...

why do you gotta post everything we ate! Geez Mel! Jokes. You were the best running partner ever! I'll never forget being hardcore for a day!

Larry and Bethany Walker said...

so proud of you friend! you should come to the houston one next year- they have a big breakfast spread at the end which i love!

sanjeet said...

its impressive
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