Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Cleaning Product Ever

  Let me begin by saying that I hate cleaning. I love for things to be clean, don't get me wrong. I just wish someone else would do it; however, for the time being it looks like i'm up to bat. So every once in a blue moon when I do actually clean the shower, I use my favorite cleaning discovery.
  I realized to my dismay while cleaning apartments one day (old job I had) that I had forgotten a sponge (necessary evil). I was up a creek for sure but decided to improvise with the closest thing I had, a magic eraser I had on hand for cleaning the many, many wall marks tenants inevitably leave behind. And lo and behold it worked, well, magic on that nasty tub. So I decided to try it at home and what do you know...more magic. I'm not sure the secret of this magic wielding eraser but I love it.
  As I mentioned I don't clean my shower near enough, and well that nasty soap scum has gotten the best of my tub many a time. But I'm telling you a magic eraser will make quick work of the worst of scums. Just rub lightly on the walls and floor and you can feel the spots where the eraser sticks more from the scum. Rub till no sticking and whala, clean tub!! No scrub brush and sore arm muscles needed!! It even cleans my tub's textured bottom, no problem.
  So I thought I had discovered a wonderful new cleaning secret and was feeling pretty proud of myself until I saw the commercials on tv for the new and improved just for showers magic eraser. I've remained slightly miffed that someone beat me to the secret punch until yesterday when I folded and bought a box at the grocery store to finally test. The result: an even magicer eraser than ever before. This one is bigger, doesn't rub into little pieces after one use, has cleaner already in the sponge that, get this, doesn't make your eyes burn while scrubbing in a small enclosed space, and actually smells lovely.
  I have no idea the cost of said magicest of erasers, but honestly I don't care. It's worth every penny to anyone who's tired of scrubbing the scum. Will it make me clean my shower more, no probably not, but as long as I have a tub to clean, I will definitely be periodically using the wonderfulest, magicest eraser of scum.

Oh, and p.s. we're having a boy!!!


Philly said...

Yay on the boy!

Kris said... are awesome!! I love how you write a full blog about soap scum and at the end throw in a P.S. that you are having a boy. You crack me up!