Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not my day

Well, it was just one of those days today. It started out well, Beckett and his "oomeal", bag packed for MDO, Beckett dressed and ready, me showered and ready but we are running a bit late (as usual) So I'm rushing all our stuff out to the car, then back in for one more load and... the door's locked. Keys and phone on the inside, Beckett and Mom on the outside. So we spent the next hour and half knocking on doors trying to find someone home with a phone then playing in the car and on the porch waiting for Kev to come bail us out. Thankfully Beckett loves to pretend to drive the car and thought it was all just a fun outing. So we finally made it to MDO slightly late :-), and I headed to work to pick up work and then headed to lunch. And what do you know, I hit a truck. Well it was somewhere between a bump and a ramming. Thankfully it only scuffed my bumper (which we just had replaced, dang it), and the other guy didn't even get out to check his truck. After that to feel better I came home, ate a candy bar, drank my vanilla diet coke, and watched hgtv...for 5 min till I had to go get Beckett :-) Oh, well at least the snickers was happy.

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Phily said...

Stinks you had a bad day... but i got excited to see a blog post!