Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok lets brainstorm (aka I'll post this plea for help and you think of lots of great ideas)!
Currently about 8-10 hrs of my day are tied up with breastfeeding. During many of those hours my almost 2yr old toddler has to entertain himself and this is becoming a bit of a problem (meaning I can now quote all of Toy Story 3 and that is a problem). We mostly end up watching uneducational videos ("Mouse show", "Bob show", "WoodyBuzz show"), which is just fine with him, but I feel sooo guilty. I've read all those parenting articles warning against tv before two years old or your children will be ruined for life or something along those lines.
So here's the question: How to entertain Beckett when I can't?
Please help. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Sir

Dear Mr. Supermom Award Delivery Man,
You should probably hold off on the award. It's been one of those days... Maybe I need just a bit longer to get the hang of this.
Supermom Hopeful

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All By Myself

I did it!! First day on my own, and I successfully got all three of us ready (only watched "Bob Show" two and half times), got Beckett to MDO without a major meltdown (still had to feed Cooper in the church parking lot), made a starbucks run for a dirty chai (decaf espresso for baby), had a desperately needed haircut (big thanks to Amberly), picked up medicine for my still leaking bladder (currently buying out Walmart's stock of Always Ridiculously Ginormous Pad), and made it back home by noon to feed Cooper again. Now for a nap. Hopefully someone will be bringing by my Supermom Award sometime this afternoon.