Thursday, March 3, 2011

All By Myself

I did it!! First day on my own, and I successfully got all three of us ready (only watched "Bob Show" two and half times), got Beckett to MDO without a major meltdown (still had to feed Cooper in the church parking lot), made a starbucks run for a dirty chai (decaf espresso for baby), had a desperately needed haircut (big thanks to Amberly), picked up medicine for my still leaking bladder (currently buying out Walmart's stock of Always Ridiculously Ginormous Pad), and made it back home by noon to feed Cooper again. Now for a nap. Hopefully someone will be bringing by my Supermom Award sometime this afternoon.


Kyleandmeg said...

Oh my-I love you Mel. You are so funny and just lightened my whole day with the comment on ginormous pads!
You're doing great and you're the cutest mom I know. :) Love you sis.

Lydia Lonon Miller said...

Had been thinking of you today and wondering how it was all going... as for the award... Im waiting for mine too! ;)

Philly said...

You do deserve an award!