Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok lets brainstorm (aka I'll post this plea for help and you think of lots of great ideas)!
Currently about 8-10 hrs of my day are tied up with breastfeeding. During many of those hours my almost 2yr old toddler has to entertain himself and this is becoming a bit of a problem (meaning I can now quote all of Toy Story 3 and that is a problem). We mostly end up watching uneducational videos ("Mouse show", "Bob show", "WoodyBuzz show"), which is just fine with him, but I feel sooo guilty. I've read all those parenting articles warning against tv before two years old or your children will be ruined for life or something along those lines.
So here's the question: How to entertain Beckett when I can't?
Please help. Thanks.


Lydia Lonon Miller said...

Ok, so I looked up some ideas on the internet... I found one site that lists 101 things to do with your toddler... but most things you cant do while breastfeeding...but here are a few that might help...
1. Build a fort out of cushions and pillows... let him play in it while you feed.
2. let him stack things... like canned goods, etc.
3. scatter items through out the house and tell him to go find them.
4. Make him a cute but simple sock puppet and have him play with it.
5. Start him with some easy number and letter flashcards... or maybe shapes or animals.
6. Color with crayons.
7. Let him try stringing macaroni on a string or shoelace... could be interesting.
Hope these things are helpful.

Mel said...

Thanks, girl! Such creative ideas!!

Amber said...

I used to read Ethan stories while I nursed Emma (he'd hold the book), or I'd get a basket of toys down that he hasn't seen in a while (I rotate his toys so he doesn't get bored). Lately I've let him do fingerpainting, play-doh, color with markers and things that he doesn't get to do often and it keeps him occupied for at least a half hour. PBS has great educational shows that I feel less guilty about letting him watch. I also let him play on the computer with a program called Zoodles (free download) that keeps him on safe websites. Kneebouncers is a website that allows young toddlers play games by pressing any button on the computer. Used to be free, but has a small fee now, I think.

Kristy said...

Don't feel guilty. You've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Kyleandmeg said...

I bought Jax several sets of fun flashcards at the dollar store to go along with his speech. I bet Beck will like that.
You could also make breastfeeding time, "quiet time" where Beck has to read books or color or finger paint in his high chair or something.
Sarah P was always amazing as doing structured things with the olders kids so she had attention for the baby.