Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Training Wheels

Sometimes Jesus says weird things to me like "check your bag" (I didn't and proceeded to lock myself out of the house) or "get the guitar" (I usually forget Kev's guitar on Wednesday nights, but Jesus always reminds me before I make it out of the driveway). Today was no less weird. We were playing at the church park for a bit and I was, as usual, frustrated about Cooper's tantrums. He has entered a stage of frustration (his and mine). He can't speak and can't crawl and can't walk but definitely has lots of wants...wants to go, go, go...wants to climb...wants to slide...wants to play in the toilet. Lots of wants. So when he can't get to what he wants and mom's finger (his current crutch in life) is otherwise occupied he throws a ginormous screaming fit. It's lovely to watch. Anyway, I've been at the end of my rope for awhile now not knowing what to do other than let him scream, which I do alot. How do I help him without being his crutch? I'm so not smart or creative enough for this mom thing. Anyway I was watching the boys play on the park and thinking maybe I could get one of my PT or OT friends to work with him on his crawling or walking. Then maybe he would get some practical tough love help. If all else fails, send them to therapy. After awhile Beckett had to go potty so we went in the church, pottyed, then played in the gym for a bit. I was "finger walking" Cooper all around (He loooves the church gym. He makes all these monkey grunting noises. Its pretty goofy.), when Jesus says to me, "be the training wheels." (you know like that line that I can't think of in that movie that I can't think, "beeee the somethingorother")  Oh well, anyway, it killed my back but I just got behind him and held his waist while he walked all around. I just kept saying "I'm right here." That way he knew I was there supporting him but he had both hands free and was pretty much walking around by himself. Then a little at a time I let go just a bit until he was doing it all on his own (just like that sneaky moment when parents quietly let go of the bike.) And he was off!! Toddling all over the gym like he had been doing it for months no problem. Ha. So I guess we won't be needing a therapist after all. I may need a massage, but then that's nothing new. So I totally had a party in my head (as there was no one there to celebrate with) but it was short lived because naptime was approaching and the toddler fits were increasing, All in all a wonderful morning full of coffee, Taco Johns, parks, and freedom!!!