Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Freebie

I have a really great freebie to share with you. I heard about Seeds Family Worship from a friend who uses it as a scripture memory tool with her kids. I found their webpage and loved their music. All the songs are scripture passages, and the music is really great (for adults, too). I can't endure the kids sing alongs for very long in the car, but these CDs I can do. So from now until Thanksgiving they are having an awesome giveaway. Follow this link to receive your free digital copy of Seeds of Praise Vol. 3. Once you are on the page select Buy Now and then enter $0 in the name your price box. Select Checkout Now and then Download. From there hopefully you know how to drag the folder on your computer into itunes or your other music player. I had to ask my husband :-) Hope you enjoy the album! Check out their others on their webpage or you can also find them on Amazon. Happy listening!

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